Björk - credits: crack magazine

Björk: With all the earth’s electricity - 28

Offering unique ways to connect with her artistry with her Björk Digital Exhibition, the Icelandic icon takes one step further into unchartered dimensions. speaking to Jazz Monroe, Björk explores the harmonious balance to be found with nature and technology

Björk Collaborator Andrew Huang threads together the symbolism of dreams - 54

Throughout the abstract visions and characters he creates, the LA filmmaker mines the reality-distorting potential of the dream state. By Augustin Macarelli

Show me the body: Take it to the streets - 42

Increasing displays of police brutality, art spaces on the nbrink of extinction and the erosion of New York City's creative essence fuel Show Me The Body's undiluted hardcore. Tom Watson finds out how the band are rallying rebels

Photo of 'cool' party people - credits: crack magazine

Get together: How collectives are building dance music's Better Future - 36

As restorative as dancefloors are, they can also be an unsafe place for some. Sirin Kale gets to know the collectives that are doing away with unbalanced power srtuctures and concentrating directly on the party

Japanese breakfast: Spiritual healing - 44

Michelle Zauner's solo project Japanese Breakfast pools emotions into a swirl of shoegaze nostalgia. She expounds on change, sentiment and whitewashing with Gunseli Yalcinkaya

Go slow: Calm & Collected's synergic platform for woozy design - 48

The duo behind art and design practice Calm & Collected shun the furious scrolling of internet trends to embrace the IRL pleasures of their Peckham base

Photo of ScHoolboy Q - credits: crack magazine

Aesthetic: ScHoolboy Q - 58

The black Hippy rapper flaunts his hippy charisma for our darkly psychedelic shoot