Visual representation of a typographic measuring system—inspired by Brockmann


Frequently websites promoting methodologies focus on how code should be written, take for example the following popular examples:

  • BEM
  • Atomic CSS
  • Functional CSS

Now, it would be a bit daft if the promoters of those methodologies didn't focus on how code is written. However when it comes to producing my own code, sometimes I have to stop myself from over organising things; as focusing on with the task at hand is what's needed.

Based upon my recent experiences of new CSS specs introducing features that impact the way Interior works, for the latest incarnation I decided not to follow a methodology.


During v2.0 of Interior, it felt like I was tying myself in knots due to what I was trying to achieve with automation; perhaps it was symptomatic of my approach.

A mixin that does a lot of heavy lifting can become nightmarish to alter, and difficult to maintain, which seems to defeat the object. Imagine then tossing in the rigidity that comes with a pre-defined methodology, and applying those principles, seeing what works and what doesn't, especially if you are unfamiliar with them, then add Grid on top for good measure—the workload multiplies.


Changing my mind, halfway through an iteration, that a methodology is a bad fit and then implementing either a new methodology, or removing it, is more of a focus on tooling than anything else.

Therefore the main focus of v3.0 has not been code, at-least not in the sense of it being tied into a particular methodology, or worse still a framework that is built with one!

Do what works

My main focus can't always be code duplication, but it’s not that much of an issue in the case of Interior. I’ve done what was needed to get something up and running in an efficient manner as possible, whilst aiming to focus on what really matters.

Methodologies solve specific problems

Maybe your code doesn't suffer from the kind of issues that crop up and give a methodology a use case, you may have your own nut to crack. Introducing a methodology for the sake of it could end up being the wrong decision. Think wisely as the repercussions can echo throughout eternity.